Zinc reduces colds and pneumonia symptoms

Spiral Chef News: Zinc Reduces Colds Symptoms and Pneumonia Symptoms.

Here are tips you can use to help prevent colds and the flu naturally and Zinc reduces colds symptoms and pneumonia symptoms.

(The following are news items and opinions. This is not medical advice.)

A study from the highly respected Journal of Infectious Diseases found that zinc acetate lozenges (and you should always look for zinc acetate) can slash the length of your cold nearly in half, from seven days to four. The lozenges can even reduce days spent coughing from five to two.

Because zinc works by preventing viruses from replicating, you’ll find that zinc products work best when you start taking them during the first 24 hours of your symptoms.

Giving your body a steady supply of zinc can also help you ward off other serious diseases. A study on hundreds of nursing home patients found that those with adequate levels of zinc in their blood were only half as likely to develop life-threatening pneumonia.

If you have a loved one in your life who is getting a bit older… or frail… zinc could be a real life-saver.

Pneumonia remains one of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States, and cases strike hard in the winter. Have zinc acetate lozengeson hand and give it a try next time you feel a cold coming on!

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