Trifolium pratense is a species of clover, native to Europe, Western Asia and northwest Africa, but planted and naturalised in many other regions. It is an herbaceous, short-lived perennial plant, variable in size, growing to 20–80 cm tall.

Spiral Chef News: Red clover helps with blood issues and menopause

Red clover helps with blood issues and menopause

(The following are news items and opinions. This is not medical advice.)

Red clover is considered to be a reasonably high source of isoflavones, providing very beneficial phytoestrogens that tend to mimic women’s estrogens by helping to minimize the unpleasant effects caused by menstruation and most importantly menopause. The red clover’s isoflavones are believed to be responsible for relieving women of estrogen-related symptoms such as breast pain that for instance occurs with PMS. It is also the belief that isoflavones can help limit the possibility of developing a cancer around the lining of the uterus. Tests conducted on approximately 1000 women demonstrated that red clover can interfere with the actions of a specific enzyme known to encourage further development of endometrial cancer.

**Red clover testimonials**
Just wanted to let people know that my medical doctor recommended Red Clover to me. He isn’t a great believer in herbal medicines as a whole but said this is one he has seen medical testing and evidence for and knows it can really help to lessen or prevent hot flashes. I have been only somewhat dedicated in taking it and am sure it has helped to ease the hot flashes a lot. I will try and be more diligent about taking the suggested dosage now I can see all the other potential benefits of taking it!

I have been taking red clover for about 6 months. I am pre-menopausal and was experiencing extreme hot flashes and insomnia. I do not have any hot flashes anymore – occasional insomnia for maybe an hour or two every month or so. I am very please with the results. I would recommend it.

It was recommended that I use Red Clover when I had a stubborn boil. Within a couple of days, the boil had completely disappeared and have not had any reoccurrence. I researched on line that it could calm my bronchial cough and to loosen phlegm, so I continued using the red clover and my cough went from severe to a minimal cough. Used it for years, then just stopped taking it. I entered my pre menopausal state and begin taking red clover again, within hours of taking it, my hot flashes completely went away. I have not experienced any ill affects from red clover at all. I feel more energetic, more alert, and definitely more healthy! Would

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