Spiral Chef News: A recipe to improve your immune system

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A recipe to improve your immune system
Most people know that the best defense against sickness is a good immune system. The immune system can knock out almost any disease if it is kept in good shape by proper nutrition. Here is the famous “Doc Shillington’s Total Tonic Recipe” to improve your immune system.

  • 1 handful of garlic cloves
    •1 handful of chopped onions
    •1 handful of chopped ginger
    •1 handful of chopped horseradish
    •1/2 handful of chopped habanera peppers
    •Raw apple cider vinegar

Throw in a blender and cover with an inch or two of organic raw apple cider vinegar. All ingredients should be organic, but don’t let that stop you from making this great formula (as long as the garlic is not from China). You can use the mash right away or wait two weeks and allow it to turn into a tincture.


At the first sign of cold or flu, take a tablespoon (or more!) every 4 hours until relief. Or use daily as a hot sauce or vinegar on salads, etc.

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