Spiral Chef News: Colloidal silver for infections

Colloidal silver for infections

(The following are news items and opinions. This is not medical advice.)

Colloidal silver is a treatment that consists of submicroscopic silver particles that are dispersed in water and taken orally to treat infections. And even those super bugs, the drug resistant kind, don’t seem to stand a chance against colloidal silver. It’s like David throwing a silver stone against a microbe Goliath.

Colloidal silver was used intravenously by doctors until around 1940, and it saved many people from life-threatening infections. Then the Big Pharma era began, and penicillin and other drugs took over.

Over half of the EPA-registered “biocidal” materials — substances that can kill off harmful microbes — contain these super-tiny silver particles It’s also used on burn victims topically to fight infection.

Colloidal silver can be found in health food stores. The dose, and the strength, of the product you take depends on the severity of the illness you’re fighting. Doses can range from 1 teaspoon of the 10 ppm strength up to 2 times a day, to 1 tablespoon of a 40 ppm concentration taken at the first sign of infection, then reduced to 1 -2 teaspoons up to four times a day.
You should take it only until your infection is gone, then stop.

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